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Dogs are regarded as quite loyal and true beings on this Earth. They’re supposed to be the best friends of people. They’re blessed by God with a few identifying features that make them stand apart from other animals. They’re thought of as somewhat smart and have feelings like people and feel exactly the same as we do. Studies have proved this. There are lots of breeds of dogs on Earth recognized by people. Many are domesticated, educated and maintained just like family members in the home. Here we will discuss a few of the oldest breeds of dog: Lhasa Apso.

 The Lhasa Apso is a dog breed that’s smart, confident and very adorable looking. They have a medium-sized head using a narrow skull. This breed of dog has its source in Tibet and discovered its popularity in American Kennel Club in the year 1935. The Lhasa Apso is an excellent looking medium constructed dogs that do not look ferocious in any way. Actually, they seem very favorable. Very hairy and beautiful locks falling through the black eyes are a distinguishing characteristic of the dog belonging to the breed. They appear to get a very long beard because of the fact they’re quite hairy. A good deal of information regarding this breed was discussed further.

Few Interesting Facts about Lhasa Apso :

  • It’s a nonathletic dog breed. Dark-colored eyes. Dark nose
  • Located in great assortment of colors such as brown, black, brown, red and gold.
  • A distinguishing feature is they are quite hairy and their lovely long locks frequently cover the eyes, which provide them a really cute and cuddly look.
  • Height is approximately 10 inches, making them moderate-sized.
  • Men Lhasa is approximately 6-8 kgs and females weigh approximately 5-7 kgs. Puppies
  • They take their tails onto their trunk.

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Characteristics of Lhasa Apso Breed

Every breed has distinctive characteristics and details attached to them. Time to find some intriguing details concerning the breed:

 1- Lhasa Apso was located in the Himalayan region of Tibet. They jumped to the ancestral wolf and later they had been domesticated as dogs. They then began living in the monasteries of Tibet with the notion of providing security to the Buddhist monks from intruders. They have proven to be excellent watchdogs and incredibly vigilant in their own job.


2- The foundation behind the origin of the name is also rather intriguing. Lhasa is the title of this capital city of Tibet and also Apso in the Tibetan language signifies quite hairy. Therefore that the title Lhasa Apso is appropriate for your dog. This means a dog with long hair out of Lhasa.

3- Their lifetime is 13-14 decades. They’re proven to possess longevity due to the location of origin.

4- Their litter size is 4-6 puppies.

5- They need training in the first decades. This will make them a friendly dog. Otherwise, they’re not friendly and aren’t tolerant of strangers. This leaves them furious towards the strangers and fellow dogs of the additional breed. They’re introvert by nature and interacting needs to be educated to them.

The temperament of Lhasa Apso:

 The dogs of this breed are intelligent, confident and smart. Their manner of expressing affection to the master is by rubbing their minds on their own masters, sitting near to their toes or operating behind their master. They’re excellent companions and are extremely attentive and attentive. They’re fun to be with as they possess the custom of doing funny things to draw the interest of their master. They like to play and are deemed great apartment dogs. Training may make this possible.

 They need training from the first years to be societal towards individuals. They have a solid awareness of hearing. They can show slow indications of learning but finally, they do get accustomed to other dogs and people around them. Otherwise educated, they may become ferocious towards the traffic.

 They may seem small but are fantastic watchdogs for households. They are rather independent and hardy. Experienced professionals have been hired by several owners that exude great abilities to their pups and groom them.

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